Sleepless Thoughts

I’ve never seen anyone outside my family sleep before.

Let me rephrase that.

I’ve never watched anyone sleep before. Even from members of my family.

Today, I just witnessed the man I love sleep soundly in just five seconds.

Let me rephrase that again.

He went into deep slumber and snored heavily.
Apparently with the exception of his sleepless days before presenting his thesis in college, he has never been wide awake for twenty-four hours.
I’m an expert on sleepless nights. I mean, come on, look at me:


I’ve had days where I just spend hours outdoors drinking, catching up on films, jogging even, attending food trips with friends, or with him, or with my sister, and basically doing anything I can think of to make my day or days off worthwhile. I even went to a concert and felt alive the whole time.


See? I looked fine there and I held one of the greatest conversations I have had in a long time. I even drank beer several times and not a single eye closed (except whenever I blink). But this guy, this man I love, he fell tired. The most exhausted, I think, he’s ever been.

I know all this lack of sleep is gonna toll on me, and he’s being a good example of a healthy person by making sure he gets his eight hours full of sleep.

So what do I do to get myself to sleep? It’s like preparing for a marathon, where instead of going for a full body’s stretch I go for a few minutes (or maybe about 60 minutes, really, or maybe about 120) of tiring my mind. I’d go play a couple of games on my phone, like City Island 1 and 2. I don’t use cheats so I’m still on level 45 on CI1 although I’ve been playing this for 2 months and level 34 on CI2 because I’ve reset my land three times and the only time the way the streets and the walkway and the waterway seemed okay was when my artsy twin sister played it. Once I’m done getting all the coins and upgraded some of the properties I move on to 2048. I’ve only been able to get 2048 during Practice Mode, but I’m always close to getting it on Classic Mode but my brain cells don’t seem to work well when I’m about to sleep.

So basically it’s simple. I have to work my brain cells out to get to sleep. But he? He only needs about 5 minutes to get to sleep. He just closes his eyes and voilà!


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