Tales of the Unemployed

Episode One


I have no idea who you are and you probably have no idea who I am either. But if by chance you happened to drop by this post and was probably interested with the title, I am glad and at the same time disappointed. I am not sure how to please you so please be reminded that this blog is not something that will please you. I just merely want to take note of an important milestone in my life which I am sure will be kept on the internet as long as the internet exists. If it doesn’t and if by chance you are the kind of person who is interested in keeping this data for personal use then go ahead and do it. Just don’t put it under your name. I’m sure people who know you won’t even believe you.


TODAY I have decided to start anew by quitting my job as a corporate slave. Am sorry if I may have offended you, but that’s exactly how I feel. Working as a corporate slave offers a thousand tasks and a thousand hours each year just to earn half of what your rich businessman brother earns each year. All he ever has to do is go home with vegetables at hand, cook, and make people healthy or fat. Well, I’m sorry if I have offended you, brother, in case you happen to read this you spying son of a gun (our mother is not a gun, am sorry mom if ever you read this). I am aware that your business is a well craft of your talents and many people are grateful that your food exists. I am just jealous of how much money you make. I’m sure you understand. You told me about this when we were drunk one christmas eve when I got voted Student Council President in high school while you were never even considered.

And so, I have been dreaming of this day. I will wake up to the sound of chickens playing and making stupid noises from our neighbor’s backyard, to that couple who sells newspapers in a fast motorcycle (the one that I can never chase), to the smell of pandesals being sold in the morning, coffee being made, and the sun rising and smiling in between two cumulus clouds as if telling everyone that it is the most brightest star in the universe which it already is.

Today, I did wake up to the sound of roosters in the morning. Check. The couple that sells newspapers in a motorcycle has now upgraded into a tricycle (I still cannot chase them. Check.). Pandesals are no longer available since it’s already seven-thirty in the morning. Nope. The the two cumulus clouds are up in the sky, covering the sun. Great. They’ve now turned into Cumulonimbus clouds.

Looks like you can never really get what you want in any ways possible.

I am yet to figure out ways on how to make the next day much more, possible and exciting.